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Injury Rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation is the process in which we take an injured joint or soft tissue and make it stronger by doing specific exercises.  It is imperative to start this process as soon as possible to get the patient/athlete back to doing what they love.  This includes balance exercises and other specific strenghtening exercises that will help neurologically and strengthen the joint or tissue associated with the injury.​

Therapeutic Exercise

​Chiropractors use therapeutic exercise as one component of patient care to improve functional ability and general well-being in those who are experiencing limitations or disability due to a disease, disorder, trauma, or surgery. These exercises will help correct back, neck, and extremity problems and can help prevent muscle deterioration and atrophy, promote joint health, reduce pain, increase strength, stability and range of motion, and protect against new or recurring injuries. Therapeutic exercise includes a broad spectrum of activities, from passive range of motion and breathing exercises to high-speed agility drills.   

Dr. Ford will provide supervised instruction on how to perform these exercises and will continue to assist you until you are comfortable doing them on your own. A diligent exercise regimen, when prescribed, is crucial for recovery and injury prevention. It is proven that individuals who follow exercise regimens heal faster and lead a healthier lifestyle than those who do not.

Gait Analysis

​Abnormal gait patterns (the way you walk) and muscle imbalances can lead to pain starting at your foot, knee, hip or back and lead to poor sport performance and even back pain. This analysis will help us identify any muscle imbalances or biomechanical problems that can be leading to pain or diminished function.