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Chiropractic Concierge Club at Dynamic Spine and Performance Center

Concierge medicine (or Direct Primary Care) is defined as a model of health care in which a patient pays their doctor an annual retainer or monthly fee in exchange for improved access and service. This form of practice is generally smaller, which results in more personalized and supportive care.

A Direct Primary Care Solution

I intend to counter local trends by providing patient-centered health care. This will improve the doctor-patient experience by using the technology and services we have at our fingertips. Furthermore, I want to help my patients be engaged in their overall health and wellness. Over time these efforts can lower the overall cost of primary care and healthcare in general.

More and more, we are seeing our patients having problems with their insurance companies. Large deductibles are increasingly common. Doctors from other states are managing your care and telling us what they feel is necessary. It destroys the important relationship we have with our patients.

We’re excited to announce and have developed a great solution that we’re now offering (starting January 2019) this progressive model of health care to the patients of our practice, with two distinct levels of affordable membership: the Chiropractic Concierge Club!

The Gold Level Membership
(*limited to 100 clients for the introductory year)

Experience the freedom of getting all the chiropractic care for an entire year (*up to 4 visits per month).

You can get in when you need to without waiting, knowing all your concerns will be taken care of.

You will receive adjustments and any therapies needed to address your condition during our business hours.

*($50 dollars for additional visits after 4)

There are two options for payment:

-   A one-time payment of $1650, getting one month free

-   A monthly fee of $150 and $100 (if under 18 and attached to an adult) (first 2 months required up front)

-   Family options also available (contact for details)

The Silver Level Membership
If you are a wellness patient or do not have an extensive need for care, the Silver level membership program (*up to 2 visits per month) is a great solution! *($50 dollars for additional visits after 2)  

You will receive adjustments and any therapies needed to address your condition during our business hours. 

​-   A monthly fee of $85 and $65 (if under 18 and attached to an adult)​ (first 2 months required up front)

* With all Concierge Club members, you will be guaranteed to be able to see the doctor in 1 - 2 days of request, if not same day! (Unless the doctor is out of town or other family emergancies) All calls  “after hours” will be forwarded directly to my personal cell phone and will get back with in 24 hours. *

Chiropractic Concierge Club

   An Overwhelming Response

Our patients have responded positively and appreciate the savings they get through our program. There are no large insurance co-pays, and you do not need to fill out the extensive paperwork most insurance companies require for you to get the care you need. Without the time needed to process insurance claims, we can give our patients the greater amounts of attention they deserve.

Contact our office to become a member and start saving today!

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