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What is Direct Primary Care?
Concierge Care or Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of healthcare delivery offering old-fashioned benefits to patients without the red tape and overhead structure of traditional practice. In a DPC the patient comes first. It is becoming more and more common around the country as people realize the benefits of moving toward a traditional relationship and access to your doctor.

Do I need insurance as your patient?
Yes. I recommend all my patients carry insurance to cover diagnostic, specialty, surgical and emergency health care needs.

Can I still use my insurance (Medicaid or Medicare)?
Yes. Currently insurance does not reimburse for DPC. As a Medicare patient you and I will need to sign a one-time waiver stating that we will not utilize Medicare for my services. I can still refer and you may use your Medicare for all of the same services outside of my practice as you always have.

Can I use my HSA funds for membership?
The short answer is "Yes!" Please Read the following
LINK for more information.

Where will I get labs and imaging?
I will continue to refer to the provider of your choice for these services as I always have. 

How can I reach you after hours?
Just as during office hours, calls “after hours” will be forwarded directly to my cell phone. DPC allows for no layers between us.

How do I know if this is right for me?
Contact me by e-mail with your questions or we can schedule a time to meet by phone or in person to discuss your concerns.

Why did I add this option?
To help reduce the cost of care to my patients.

  • This allows patients to predict, what they will pay for family care each year.
  • This allows my patients and I to build a more comprehensive relationship, providing better care.
  • It allows better access for my patients to me.

Chiropractic Concierge Club FAQs